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#101 Contact Information                                                                       November 4, 2012

I read an interesting article in an “online” newspaper recently.  It’s a paper that vigorously supports modern pagan Christianity and receives reciprocal support from that religion.  The article expressed vehement outrage at an incident that occurred last month.

It seems that a former President was speaking at the dedication of the FDR Four Freedoms Park on October 17th and passed along a message from his wife, who is now serving as the Secretary of State for our country.  

Actually, the paper reported that he passed along a message from Eleanor Roosevelt.  The former President claimed that Eleanor had contacted his wife and given the message to her.  She then called and gave the message to him from “Eleanor”, who had asked  that it be included in his remarks. 

We can certainly understand why Eleanor didn’t show up herself to deliver her own message.  She’s been dead for fifty years. 

The same article also reported on the claims of a former Speaker of the House, stating that she had heard from the “spirits” of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul, who are also dead.

If the current Secretary of State and the former Speaker of the House actually received the communications that they claim to have received, those communications could not possibly have come from people who are dead.  They are dead and incapable of carrying on activities which require physical life - such as speaking. 

The article went on to castigate and in fact denigrate these two politicians for having “communicated with the dead”.  Yet the religion that supports the newspaper and that the newspaper supports, teach that dead people aren’t really dead.  Their spirits or souls have left their bodies and gone somewhere else (usually heaven). 

If that were true - instead of being the great and ancient LIE that it is - then it might be possible to contact them. The dead, however, are dead. But according to modern pagan Christianity you are supposed to believe that the dead are alive but you are not, under any circumstances, to talk to them.  That’s one of their rules.  It has nothing to do with God’s Word.  Yes, the dead are alive, they teach; but no, you can’t talk to them.  It’s against the rules.

When sincere, questing Christian men and women are led to believe that their loved ones are actually alive somewhere (usually heaven), why wouldn’t they try to contact them?  If modern pagan Christianity, just like every other religion, constantly preaches that the dead are alive and somewhere else (usually heaven, or some place similar), might it not even prompt the God-rejecting unbeliever to try and contact a dead person of interest to them? 

God gave His written Word so that humans might have the contact information from Him and for Him and be able to contact Him by way of the accomplished work of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only human that God has raised from the dead to die no more.  He’s the only human who died, was raised from the dead and went someplace else.  He’s seated at the right hand of the Throne of God.  True Christianity, authored by God and accomplished by His Son, detailed in His written Word, brings people into contact with the One True God. 

The written Word of God clearly teaches that every other human that has died or will die is actually dead and will stay dead until the Gathering Together of the Church of the Body or the Resurrections of the Just and Unjust.  If someone ever hears from the “spirit” of a dead person it isn’t Eleanor, it isn’t Susan, Elizabeth or Alice.  It’s a devil spirit imitating that person - what God’s Word in the Old Testament calls a “familiar spirit”.  People who speak to or are spoken to by the “dead” are speaking to or are listening to devil spirits. 

The written Word of God provides the contact information for the One True God.  Religion, to one degree or another, be it Roman, Protestant, Hindu, or Muslim, provides the contact information for the god of this world.

The outrage of the aforementioned newspaper is hypocrisy.  The contact information regarding the god of this world is published and preached and proclaimed in the pulpits of modern pagan Christianity, not to mention the aforementioned newspaper and other religions.  Why should they get upset if a Secretary of State or former Speaker of the House utilizes it?  

By the way, the contact information for the god of this world hasn’t changed since Genesis 3.  But the Lord Jesus Christ certainly changed the availability of every human to come into contact with  the One True God by his accomplished work and because God raised him from the dead. I’m thankful to have that accurate contact information  and I’m pleased and privileged to provide it to anyone who would like to have it and receive an eternal connection to the One True God.

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