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#127 "...rightly dividing the word of truth."                                                                 May 1, 2016

Although sending emails and text messages is becoming more and more popular, some folks, like me, still write letters.  However, whether it is by electronic means or the postal service, we still want our written words to be understood, don’t we?

If what is written is significant or vital there is a very real relationship between what we have written and how important it is that the recipient or those to whom it is addressed understand what we have communicated.

Imagine what a disaster it would be if written communications among humankind were habitually misunderstood.  What if text messages, emails, newspapers, advertisements, legislative actions, even books or articles were all habitually misunderstood, misconstrued, and misinterpreted to one degree or another?  Even though the words had been clearly written, no one would truly understand what had been said.  It would be a disaster!  At best, people could only guess or speculate about what had been written - at worst, they would simply stop reading.

Many businesses would shut down if employees could not understand and follow the written instructions of their employers.  Most schools and universities could not exist if staff and students could not follow written instructions.  Our societies and the so-called “world-order” would be devastated, crippled, almost brought to a standstill in such a scenario.

If written communications among humans are that vital, how much more truly vital are the written communications of God to humankind: God’s written Word.

II Timothy 2:15 is very compelling along this line.

           Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,  rightly dividing the word of truth.

When the written communications between God and man are so very, very important, doesn’t it make wonderful sense that the One True God would want His workman to work - “rightly dividing the word of truth” - so as to be able to understand clearly what He has said in His written Word?  How could other humans understand His written Communication if His workman or woman doesn’t rightly divide His Word and make It known? 

There’s certainly no shortage of wonderfully sincere Christians in the world today who claim to be doing God’s work.  Shouldn’t their Christian work begin with clearly understanding what God has said in His written Word?  Would you want someone working for you if they don’t even understand your written instructions?

How vastly different the modern Christian landscape would look if Christians would come back to the accuracy and integrity of God’s Word, and start with “rightly dividing the word of truth.”  Billboards outside of Christian churches might read, “God says, I would that ye all spake with tongues.”  Perhaps Christians would stop marching in support of the latest social cause and simply stand on the Truth of God’s rightly divided Word and hold It forth.

Isn’t it wonderful to have been taught the keys as to how God’s Word interprets Itself so that we can rightly divide the Word of Truth and share it with other Christians and those who would like to become Christians as we joyfully and patiently await the return of our Lord Jesus Christ?

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