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#62 PUBLIC EDUCATION                                                               November 2, 2007

[No doubt the reader will find it helpful to know that what follows is not an original, ”From Our Home To Yours“, but rather a “letter to the editor”, of The Wilson Daily Times.  I wrote this letter in response to one from a Ms. Johnson who had advocated that no Bible be allowed in any of the public schools in Wilson county . 

Ms, Johnson misused and misapplied a portion of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and made ignorant reference to “the separation of church and state”, to support her curtailment of the religious freedom we are supposed to enjoy in this country. 

The First Amendment does not speak of “the separation of church and state”, rather it states, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”   

In point of fact, Ms. Johnson advocated laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion which is a violation of the First Amendment.

The title: Public Education, was added for the purposes of this publishing and the original letter to the editor was published in The Wilson Daily Times on November 5, 2005.

I should also note that her letter was published shortly before Halloween, hence, my reference to that celebration.]

Dear Editor,

As regards Mrs. Johnson’s recent letter, I thought your readers might be interested to know the origins of the public school system that we enjoy here in America.

The first public school system in the United States began as a result of legislation passed in Massachusetts in 1647. This legislation required all cities or towns with a population of 50 families or more to hire a school teacher for the children in the community so that they might receive a basic education.

This legislation was referred to as the Old Deluder Satan Act, and was a result of the conclusion of the legislators that if children were not taught how to read, then they would never be able to read the Bible, and hence faced a lifetime of being deluded by Satan, the god of this world. It is ironic, in a perverse way, that the basis of our public education system in the United States has been so eroded and degraded that the Bible no longer has any place in the school or in the classroom.

It is also ironic, in a perverse way, that it has been the corruption of the educational system which has led to the misunderstanding and the misapplication regarding “separation of church and state.”

If Mrs. Johnson is as sincere in her objection as she claims to be, she will no doubt be very busy Monday. Most of the schools are celebrating, in one way or another, Halloween. Halloween is an ancient Druid religious holiday and, in its modern forms, promotes the belief in ghouls and goblins and witches. All of these characters figure prominently in witchcraft, which is a religion recognized worldwide.

By the way, the two great pillars of the American university system, Harvard and Yale, were both founded by Christians with a view to providing an education with a foundation based upon Christianity. The Bible, God’s Word, was the most prominent book in the libraries of both.

Learning remains an exciting adventure.

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