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#78 Breaking News!                                                                                   June 6, 2010

Here’s the headline as it should have been, could have been, but wasn’t reported by other media outlets.


Here are the facts, fair and balanced, of course:

Young man has chest pains, numbness and pain in left arm, goes to hospital.

Diagnosis: heart attack!

Heart may be damaged, certainly arterial blockage. 

Immediate treatment required to prevent further damage or death.

News goes out to a select group of people in the local area specially taught and trained to respond to situations like this.  Known as “Christian believers”, they begin to pray to the One and only True God for healing and deliverance for the man.

Christian believer wife remains at his side and continually prays for him with her understanding and by way of one of the unique abilities that Christian believers have, that of “speaking in tongues”.  The reader may be as shocked as I was to find out that this speaking in tongues is one of nine abilities (that’s right, NINE) that these Christian believers can operate once they have received a new kind of “spiritual life” from the One True God. 

As the facts were reported to me, the aforementioned wife continued to remind her stricken husband of the healing and deliverance that was available from the One True God.  Apparently, they were aware of this information because the Bible, which they believe is actually the Word of God, had been taught and explained to them.  It seems that if someone, anyone, actually knows what the Will of God truly is in a situation, from His written Word or by the One True God revealing it, then they only have to believe what God has communicated and then He takes the responsibility of bringing it to pass.  (Don’t ask me to explain the simplicity of that, I’m just reporting the facts.)

Back to those facts.  Testing was done to assess how much the heart had been damaged so medical treatment could begin.  No damage found.  More tests were done to find the arterial blockage so medical treatment could begin.  No blockage found.  Heart and arteries normal, healthy, functioning perfectly.  Young man completely healed and delivered.  Absolutely no evidence of a heart attack.  Dumbfounded doctors could offer no explanation.

Upon further investigation this reporter has concluded that this must be an example of something like “God’s healthcare plan.”  It seems that a man named Jesus Christ, who was God’s Son, worked and sacrificed to carry out the Instructions of the One True God so that men, women and children might be able to receive healing and deliverance like this.  Those are the verifiable facts.  That’s all for now. 

UPDATE: Sources tell me that more information might be available as to what this One True God is able and willing to do in situations like this because of what His Son, Jesus Christ, did.  However, this reporter has come to understand that there is actually a world-wide conspiracy involving religious organizations, governments and educational systems, organized and directed by (can you believe this?) another “god” whose aim is to prevent that information from coming to light.  I would encourage anyone who has accurate information about this One True God and His Son, Jesus Christ, to start breaking the news.

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