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#82 Apples and Oranges or Wax-On, Wax-Off!                                       October 1, 2010

What do career criminals seeking parole and career politicians running for office have in common (besides the obvious)? Both groups seem to save the "god" card until the last possible moment before the parole hearing or just before the election. From what I’ve observed, it would appear that one of the surest ways to "salvation" is to be a career criminal or politician. You’re almost sure to "find god" along the way.

The career criminal says, "God has forgiven me and you should forgive me, too." That means that if the parole board doesn’t let him/her out of jail, they are opposing God. The career politician says, "Jesus is my role model", meaning that if you don’t vote for him/her you are voting against "Jesus". I think we should leave God and His wonderful Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, out of elections and parole hearings, at least until we can all agree as to which "Jjesus" and which "Ggod" are actually being referenced.

When the career criminal says "Ggod" he/she could be referring to any entity from budda to baal and when the career politician says "Jjesus" he/she could mean the third head of the pagan trinity or worse. On the other hand, they could both be lying so as to gain their freedom or the political office, but that never happens, does it? If career criminals want to be paroled, if career politicians want to gain or hold office, fine. Don’t use the One True God or His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to shine up the endeavor.

It’s kind of like, "Keep Christ in Christmas". For all the sense that makes you might as well say, "Keep Christ in National Secretary’s Day, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Mother’s Day", etc.

The Lord Jesus Christ wasn’t born in December when the Roman Feast of Saturnalia took place. He never attended the Feast of Saturnalia or promoted it nor did he give any instructions to celebrate an "ecumenical pagan mass" in his name. It was the Roman Church that amalgamated the "Feast" into their rituals and have perpetuated it in perpetuity under the new name, "Christmas". Christmas comes from "Christmass" with the last "s" having been dropped so the pagan holiday would have interdenominational appeal.

If the Roman Church, not to mention all of pagan Christianity today, want to party down on December 25, fine. Don’t use the One True God or His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to shine up the idea.

It’s kind of like high school football games. The two opposing teams huddle up in the locker room. The opposing coaches both pray, "Oh Lord, help us to win, amen." Inevitably, one of the two teams is going to get their collective butts kicked. What are the kids on the team with the sore butts supposed to then think about their pointless prayer and the "Ggod" who deserted them? If high school coaches want winning teams, fine. Don’t use the One True God or His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to shine up the scheme.

It’s kind of like those shiny apples and oranges that you can buy at the supermarket these days. The reason they’re so shiny and take longer to rot than the apples and oranges you could buy fifty years ago, is because they are dipped, brushed or sprayed with animal or vegetable waxes or waxes derived from minerals or synthetics. The waxing provides an air tight seal which prevents the fruit from rotting on its way to market and once it is there, provides that eye appeal to the consumer with its shiny luster. The rot, however, is still lurking beneath the surface.

It seems to me that those who would attempt to use God and His wonderful Son to put the shine on their endeavors, ideas or schemes; those who would attempt to use God and His Son as if they were nothing more than fruit wax, will find it difficult indeed to escape the rot lurking beneath the surface of their lives.

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