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#95 You'd Better Know The Law                                                          February 5, 2012

Luke 10:17-18:
And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.
And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

The “seventy” had been sent out by the Lord Jesus Christ to teach God’s Word and operate the power of God bringing deliverance to those of Israel who were willing to receive it.  They reported tremendous success in holding forth the positive greatness of God’s Word and operating His power, didn’t they? 

In response to their joyful report, the Lord Jesus Christ drew a comparison between what had occurred in the spiritual realm as they carried out his Instructions and something that occurs in nature: lightning.

Cloud-to-ground lightning occurs when an electrical charge travels between the negatively charged base of a storm cloud (in the heaven) and the positively charged ground (where the seventy had been operating God‘s power). 

The comparison the Lord Jesus Christ drew between Satan’s negative spiritual response to the positive greatness of God’s Word and His power in operation and that of lightning was absolutely accurate - the negative responding to the positive.

Although God’s Word is not a book of science, when it speaks scientifically, it is true.

Speaking of science, cause and effects in the physical world that have been proven to invariably occur whenever certain conditions exist or are met are known as natural laws or scientific principles. 

Our physical environment is governed by natural laws and scientific principles.  Identifying and utilizing these natural laws and principles has made it possible for 21st century humans to live in the physical world, absent of the constant conflict with the environment that their ancestors experienced. 

Ohm's Law, for example, which defines the relationships between  power, voltage, current and  resistance, is foundational to our modern utilization of electrical power.  Pascal's law of the transmission of fluid-pressure governs everything from the flushing of our toilets to the braking system of our cars.  Try calculating the multiple daily utilization of Newton’s law of universal gravitation. 

People want to be able to live in the physical realm surrounded by the security of applied scientific principles or natural laws.  Therefore humans search, they quest, they investigate.  Why does that always happen?  How can I always get the same result?  How can I be absolutely sure that if I do this, that will occur? 

However, the spiritual laws that govern how an individual can receive from the One True God and live in this physical world more than abundantly are far greater, more exact and precise than natural laws or scientific principles. 

Romans 3:27 speaks of “the law of faith [believing]”.

The law of believing is the HOW of receiving anything from the One True God.  As a matter of truth, the law of believing is the ONLY way to receive anything from God. 

For the Christian, or the human who would like to be a Christian, the law of believing is paramount. 

If you want to receive from God - you’d better know the law.

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