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#96 Only Human?                                                                                  March 4, 2012

My wife, Teresa, has a bird feeder in the yard a few feet from one of the windows in our home.  It’s very enjoyable to sit in the chair by that window and watch the birds dining on the food she provides for our little feathered friends.

At times, as I watch the birds, I am reminded of just how magnificently wonderful our Heavenly Father is.  After all, He made the birds and provided for them in His plan for their environment irrespective of our supplemental feeder.  Teresa has simply made it easier for them to get their food and she and I get to watch them as they dine.

I’m quite sure, however, that the little birds that enjoy the food from her feeder haven’t the foggiest idea of how much expense and effort went into purchasing and installing the feeder, not to mention purchasing the food and filling the feeder on a regular basis so that their daily meals aren’t interrupted.  How could they?  They’re only birds.

We have a storage building on the property and almost without fail a new bird’s nest is constructed in the rafters every spring.  I suppose because of its location it is more convenient for the birdie builders to construct the new nest from whatever useful material they can find in the building instead of bringing in twigs and leaves from the outside.

In fact, I have chuckled at times over the years to see how snips of twine and bits of rags have been incorporated into the architectural scheme of the new nest.  But again, I’m quite sure that each new feathered tenant is completely oblivious of the fact that if it wasn’t for our building and the shelves from which they acquire their building materials they would be looking for new digs.  I’m not silly enough to expect the little things to recognize any of that, after all they’re only birds.    

I read an interesting article recently about a new achievement in nanotechnology.  It seems that physicists have built a transistor from a single atom of phosphorus, precisely placed on a bed of silicon, which apparently is a major step in the development of the quantum computer.  The article was somewhat technical and quite verbose in lauding the achievements of those scientists involved.

I sort of chuckled though, as I read the article and thought that as smart as all those scientists might be, they weren’t smart enough to recognize that they were building their little transistor with what the One True God had already made and provided for them in their environment - kind of like what the little birdies do as they build their little nests in our storage building.

What those scientists have been able to do is only because of what God has already done and what He and He alone has provided.  They were seemingly completely oblivious and apparently didn’t have the foggiest idea of Who had so lovingly planned and so carefully made the tiny atom that they were building with. 

Were they all devoid of spiritual life from God, only body and soul, what God’s Word calls “the natural man” in 1 Corinthians 2:14?  Were they all ignorant of the wonderful information God has provided in His Word?

Apparently they were only human.

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