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#99 An Honest Review                                                                        September 2, 2012

Shopping on the internet could be a harrowing experience if it wasn’t for the reviews and the ratings that are
displayed regarding the product you’re interested in or the company you want to buy it from. The ratings are
usually based on five stars with one star being the lowest possible rating and five stars being the best available.
I usually look for more than four stars before I give up my credit card information; be it tools, movies, shoes,
books, whatever - it’s all about the ratings and the reviews.

I met my youngest son for lunch last week. I rarely eat out and if I do I am very, very particular about the choice
of eating establishments. Having worked in one or two restaurants, I prefer a restaurant where you can actually
observe the cooks as they prepare your food. I’m a little familiar with what goes on in those kitchens behind
closed doors at times - perhaps you are, too (shudder).

Our choice of restaurants met that criteria but what really drew me through the door was what was on the door
itself. Proudly displayed on the middle of the door was the sanitation certificate with the sanitary rating in big
black letters. It read 101%. Not 98%, not even 100%, but a 101 percent rating. Open kitchen area on full
display to the diners, sanitation rating of 101% - it doesn’t get any better than that, so we ate. The food wasn’t
bad either.

It’s kind of funny when you think about it. Most of us make our decisions as to restaurants we eat in, products
we purchase, services we hire, movies we watch, primarily because of what other people (be they inspectors or
customers) say about them. It’s as if the majority of us huddle meekly in the shadows waiting for some brave
soul to venture out and on behalf of all of us buy, eat, watch, use, etc., and then wave us on or warn us away
with their review and rating.

Sometime after my son and I finished our lunch and left the restaurant, I thought to myself how wonderful it
would be if the Lord God Almighty, the One True God, got honest reviews in the world today.

Faithfulness- ¶¶….
Love- ¶¶….
Patience- ¶¶….
Mercy- ¶¶….
Kindness- ¶¶….
Justness- ¶¶….
Forgiveness- ¶¶….
Blessing- ¶¶….
Salvation- ¶¶….
Redemption- ¶¶….

And shouldn’t His wonderful Son get an honest review?
His life’s work and sacrifice- ¶¶….

Yes, I know, it’s silly. God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ don’t need my reviews. God Almighty is
incomparable in His greatness. Since there is no point of comparison as to His greatness, how could He be
rated? Among human kind, the wonderful work of His Son is beyond comparison as well. But I’m proud to
give my review anyway and so very thankful for the day that’s coming when the magnificence of my Heavenly
Father and the accomplished work of His Son will be on full eternal display. I’m thankful to have an accurate
knowledge of His written Word which makes known the Christ who makes known God and privileged to be
able to share it with anyone who would like an honest review from God’s written Word.

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