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#94 Let's Pray!                                                                                              January 1, 2012

This issue begins with an excerpt from what I wrote and published ten years ago on January 6, 2002: 
“There is a book written by a gentleman whose name was Elmer Keith.  Mr. Keith lived in the Western part of the United States during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th.  He wrote a book about his experiences in the West during that time that I intend to acquire one day, because the title of the book he wrote has always intrigued me.  He entitled it, Hell, I Was There!

When I was a teenager in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, Protestant Christianity was still being marketed, as it had been for many generations here in the United States, as a religion of do’s and don’ts.  Almost without exception among the major denominations, the One True God was portrayed as a morally perfect, righteously angry God, Whose greatest desire was to annihilate sin by punishing the sinner.  Because of that kind of Godless teaching I, along with tens of thousands of my peers, turned my back on the then modern church and its teaching.

Now of course generational, youthful rebellion had been going on for many decades here in the United States prior to the ‘60s.  But except in the huge metropolitan areas, if you turned your back on your Protestant or Catholic religious traditions you entered a societal vacuum inhabited by the atheists and the criminal class.  If you chose to remain there in that vacuum you in effect were cut off from society at large and as a consequence alienated from all societal privileges and since most people can’t live that way the rebellious youth prior to the ‘60s eventually drifted back into the religious, traditional society of their parents and perpetuated it.

What was different at that time in the late ‘60s was that the god of this age, Satan, had successfully established a brand new culture here in the United States for all of us prodigals to embrace and that was the culture and lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Actually it was the emergence of the great Trinitarian society and culture of: me, myself and I.  The principles that we lived by were simple:
If it smells good: eat it.
If it looks good: take it.
If it feels good: do it.

Our lives became dedicated to the principles of self-service, self-indulgence and self-satisfaction.

With the rising generation being one of self-serving self-satisfiers, if it had not been for the emergence of the ministry of Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille, a teaching ministry of the integrity and accuracy of God’s Word during that same period of time, there is little doubt that our country would not have survived the ‘70s.

But his ministry did emerge and all over the country and in fact, the world, fellowships of instructed believers began to spring up and as the accuracy and integrity of God’s Word began to live just a little, it changed the culture and society of the United States as no culture or society had been changed since the Reformation.
Thousands of young men and women who had been dedicated to themselves and only themselves, committed their lives to the outreach of God’s Word and helping other people have a real true vital, spiritual relationship with God.

The outreach of God’s Word because of the ministry of Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille was so successful that not only did thousands upon thousands of people become born again and begin to grow in a real true vital, spiritual relationship with God, but even established churches changed their beliefs regarding forgiveness of sin, speaking in tongues, Christ coming for his church, and the completeness of the new birth.  Churches across the country literally changed from teaching that God was a sin-punishing God to teaching that God was a forgiving Father.

I saw it, I witnessed it, and I lived through it.
As Elmer Keith said, ‘Hell, I was there.’ ”  

By 1986 that wonderful Ministry of the accuracy of God’s Word and deliverance for His people was all but lost in the United States.  At that time there was only one man who was able to save that Ministry.  That man was the Reverend Christopher C. Geer.  As far as I’m concerned he did and continues to do so.

We don’t have the planes anymore nor the fleet of custom coaches.  We don’t have multiple campuses throughout the country and  national and international meetings attended by multitudes of people.  But we do have the Ministry of the accuracy of God’s Word and deliverance for His people and we have it because of God’s wonderful grace and mercy and the stand of one man, Christopher C. Geer.

I know a little of what happened in 1986 and what has since become widely known and wildly misknown. 

I saw it, I witnessed it, and I lived through it.  As Elmer Keith said, “Hell, I was there.”

I know a little of what could have been completely lost and I know a little of what Rev. Geer has worked so hard and with unwavering commitment to reestablish. 

I know a little of how desperate the need is for Instruction once again as regards the operations of the manifestations of:
word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits, faith, miracles, and gifts of healing. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt that Christians can’t wait another twenty centuries for that Teaching to be available and I am equally convinced that Rev. Geer is the only man that can do it.

Right now that man needs our prayers.  If you haven’t been praying for him, please start now.  If you have, please continue. 

This is our responsibility and our privilege. 

Let’s pray!

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