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TWCF-185 Peace With God     

TWCF-184 New Being Doings   

TWCF-183 Incorruptible Seed       

TWCF-182 GOD: THE Deliverer     

TWCF-181 Humble Before God      

TWCF-180 The Children of Abraham   

TWCF-179 Serpents, Crocodiles & Moses    
This teaching provides insight and enlightenment from the Scriptures regarding God and His delivering power to the children of Israel during the time of Moses.

TWCF-178 A Sure Foundation    
Tim Mausolf- What the Lord Jesus Christ has accomplished is a sure foundation and as Christian believers, we can trust in the surety of what the Lord Jesus Christ has already accomplished for us.

TWCF-177 The Stability of God's Word     
Michael Sisley- If you want more stability in your life then why not get true and lasting stability from God's Word?

TWCF-176 An Habitation of God        
God has always been concerned about having a dwelling place amongst His people. How was God finally able to accomplish that and what is God’s habitation today in the Administration of Grace?

TWCF-175 Jesus Christ: Conception, Birth, Toddler     
What is the chronological order of events from the Scriptures of the conception, birth and toddler years of the Lord Jesus Christ?

TWCF-174 The Ministry of Reconciliation     
Who has the privilege of being a part of God’s plan of redemption and salvation? What are the two sides of the ministry of reconciliation?

TWCF-173 Not included in this compilation

TWCF-172 Not included in this compilation

TWCF-171 "holy"      
What do we, in the Administration of God’s Grace, clothe ourselves with in order to be holy before the Lord God Almighty?

TWCF-170 Steadfast and Unmovable    
“The hope of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, that finish line, is the anchor of our souls. It holds us unmovable. It keeps us fixed on God’s Word.”

TWCF-169 Consider Every Joy   
Would you be interested in learning how to consider every joy in responding to trouble as a Christian believer?

TWCF-168 "What meaneth this?"     
Peter answered clearly and succinctly the question of the multitudes in Acts 2:12. However, exactly what part did the Lord Jesus Christ have on the day of Pentecost?

TWCF-167 Jonathan & David    
According to the Scriptures, why were the souls of Jonathan and David knit together?

TWCF-166 I Samuel 15 & 16: Samuel With Saul     
Want a glimpse of a man of God walking by revelation with the One True God?

TWCF-165 Father My Father       
See how you can have the same “Father, my Father” access to the Lord God Almighty as the Lord Jesus Christ.

TWCF-164 Wake Up With God's Word     
God has made it so simple for us as Christian believers to enjoy our new birth realities because of what God has already done for us by the accomplished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

TWCF-163 A Day of Trumpets      
Want an enlightened understanding of the significance of the day of trumpets in God’s Word and how it related to the birth of God’s Son?

TWCF-162 Not included in this compilation

TWCF-161 Respond With God's Word      
Would you like to respond to life's situations with God's Word?

TWCF-160 What an Invitation     
On the great day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2 was the original outpouring of what God had been waiting for and working for since Adam's transgression.

TWCF-159 Walk in the Light     
Are you tired of stumbling through life? Well, you might just consider walking in the light of God's Word rather than the darkness of the world. This teaching takes a look at how God's Word can light up your life.

TWCF-158 Luke 9:51-56    
Utilizing the keys as to how the Bible interprets itself, this teaching opens up a seemingly difficult section of Scripture to the Bible student's understanding.

TWCF-157 John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus Christ       
This teaching shows the close working relationship John the Baptist and the Lord Jesus Christ had.

TWCF-156 And Jesus Increased In Wisdom Part 2    
God's Word records that after the account in Luke 2:51 and before the record in Luke 4:21, Jesus Christ increased in wisdom and stature. How could he have accomplished this?

TWCF-155 Move On    
Is Romans 12:1 and 2 THE point of arrival we all, as Christian believers, strive for in life, or is the renewing of the mind rather the point of departure for living the lifestyle of a believer?

TWCF-154 Dave Schebell: Stand and Grow / DJ Moran: Reign in Life
We grow in understanding of what our rights, privileges, and abilities are as we renew our minds to God's Word. Having the hope of Christ's return in our thinking is a key to our standing and enduring. (Dave)

This teaching shows from God’s Word how the person who believes in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and confesses Jesus Christ as lord has been given a relationship with God that enables them to live as a joint heir with Christ.  Looking back briefly at the Original Paradise Administration and Adam’s loss of holy spirit in contrast to the current Grace Administration, the child of God has the right, privilege and ability to walk in the wonderful grace of God unconditionally! (DJ)

TWCF-153 Michael Sisley: Choose to Believe God's Word / Tim Mausolf: Keep God's Word in Mind
Choose to Believe God’s Word - Michael Sisley
Each day we are presented (and sometimes confronted) with a variety of choices ranging from personal preferences to those regarding daily needs. What a blessing to have been presented with THE Choice of God, His Word and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. What a privilege to be able to continue to make THE choice to believe God’s Word every day, and to be able to make that choice available to others!

Keep God’s Word In Mind - Tim Mausolf
God’s Word is so great because God is so great and as we go to God’s Word we can begin to see how wonderful it is that we get to focus on Him by keeping His Word in mind.

TWCF-152 A Recommendation 
This teaching is an exposition of the three different baptisms John the Baptist spoke of as recorded in Matthew 3:11 and Luke 3:16.

TWCF-151 Irrevocable   
Many translations have the word "irrevokable" for "without repentance" in Romans 11:29. How thankful we can be for everything God has given and called us to in the new birth!

TWCF-150 Eyes In The Book
What does it mean when it says in Ephesians 1:3 that God "has blessed us with all spiritual blessings"? What are the "all spiritual blessings"?

TWCF-149 Put Some Pep In Your Step   
"Loving God in response to His love in the giving of His Son puts the pep in your step as you walk believingly on God's Word."

TWCF-148 Have yourself an adventure    
The way you receive from God is believing His Word. The way you have fellowship with God today is believing His Word.

TWCF-147 Coordinators Fellowship April 17, 2016 Shine As Lights       
We can learn from the Word of God how John the Baptist was “a burning and a shining light” in the administration he lived and walked in. What two great things did John the Baptist do in his life and ministry? In our day and time, as God’s children in the Grace Administration, what are the two great ways we can “shine as lights in the world” today?

TWCF-146 Believer's Lifestyle Fellowship 2016    

TWCF-145 A Mercy Seat        
What does God’s Word reveal about the mercy seat and why God graciously established it? How does this relate to us as Christian believers in the Grace Administration today?

TWCF-144 A Christian   
From God's perspective, having Christ in you is the highest position any person can attain unto. If you can genuinely and authoritatively say that you are a Christian, there is no greater honor than that amongst humanity today.

TWCF-143 A New Creation     
We get to start every moment of every day able to enjoy the reality of being reconciled to God as a new creation, never to be separated again.

TWCF-142 Believe IT!     
Once you understand what is literally true about God from His Word, then you can recognize when God is using a figure of speech regarding Himself. We can practically apply this understanding in the portions of God’s Word addressed directly to us as God’s children in the world today.

TWCF-141 The Same           
What a privilege we have to believe THE SAME truth as the first century Church believed regarding the Mystery of God's Will in all the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished.

TWCF-140 Grow In God's Word      
God’s Will is that every one of His children gain a full knowledge of Him and all that the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for them.  With that knowledge, each one can profit by believing His Word and GROW in their application of all that is available to them in the new birth.

TWCF-139 Dress For the Occasion       
As Christian believers in the world today, we have so many sources that we can choose to believe with regards to how we look at ourselves, but the one true source remains, throughout the ages - God’s Word. God’s Word can be likened to a physical mirror. Through all God authored and the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished, God’s Word reveals who we are and how we can choose to see ourselves each and every day.

TWCF-138 And Jesus Increased In Wisdom       
Jesus Christ had to learn God's Word and believe it in relationship to himself.

TWCF-137 John 20:17     
This is a teaching which focuses on John 20:17.

TWCF-136 Until the day in which he was taken up       
Why did Jesus Christ do and teach what he did in his earthly ministry? Specifically when, according to the Scriptures, did his earthly ministry begin and end?

TWCF-135 After He Ascended       
Jesus Christ gave up his physical life so that His Father, God, could have what He wanted. Would you like to know what God wanted and what Jesus Christ did to accomplish it?

TWCF-134 His Rest  Part 3    
We can enjoy being before God - in His very presence in His household - because of God's Will in all our Lord Jesus Christ accomplished.

TWCF-133 His Rest  Part 2     
WHY did God so desire His will in Genesis 1:26 to come to pass, and HOW did He bring it to pass?

TWCF-132 His Rest  Part 1     
Exactly what was God's will for all of human kind that He rested from in Genesis 2?

TWCF-131 The Love of GOD 
Since the beginning, God has graciously made Himself known in His Word as the God of love.

TWCF-130 "Into the Wilderness" Mark 1:9-13, Luke 4:1-13, Matthew 4:1-11      
What is the accuracy of God's Word concerning the period of time our Lord Jesus Christ was tempted in the wilderness? What is the complete revelation in God's Word regarding this singular event?

TWCF-129 He is Almighty God     
Are you interested in growing in your understanding of and taking greater advantage of the relationship you have with the Lord God Almighty as His child?

TWCF-128 "And I knew him not"
What an example of a man who walked with God John the Baptist was. How honest and precise he was with what he did and did not know.

TWCF-127 The Biblical Records of the Birth of Jesus Christ Part 2     
How inspiring the records in God's Word are when we see how God brought to pass the birth and life of His only begotten Son which He had promised for thousands of years! What a pattern God reveals in His Word as to how He took care of His Son and what a wonderful man Joseph must have been to have cooperated with God.

TWCF-126 Believer's Lifestyle, 2014       

TWCF-125 Not included in this compilation

TWCF-124 Shepherds, Simeon, Anna    
We see inspiring examples of the believing of God's Word regarding the Lord Jesus Christ and his first coming in Luke chapter 2. We get to believe regarding the risen and returning Lord Jesus Christ and all that he did accomplish.

TWCF-123 The Son of God, The son of man  Part IV     
What is the great ruling principle of the world? Why does mankind no longer have to be enslaved to the fear of physical death?

TWCF-122 The Son of God, The son of man  Part III       
What is the proper understanding of the structure of a psalm in God's Word? What great truths are revealed
in Psalm 8?

TWCF-121 The Son of God, The son of man  Part II      
As the Son of God, why did Jesus Christ refer to himself in the Gospels as the son of man? What significance does this idiomatic expression, "the son of man," have?

TWCF-120 The Son of God, The son of man  Part 1     
Understanding the idioms or idiomatic expressions used by those in the lands and times of the Bible helps make the Scriptures become more clear. What does "the sons of men" and "the son of man" as they are used in God's Word mean?

TWCF-119 Savour God's Word    
There is a big difference between knowing God's Word and the inner joy and delight in believing God's Word. Want to grow to exude that kind of delight in God's Word in your life? Here is how to do it!

TWCF-118 Good News of God Concerning His Son    
What is the only good news that humankind has ever had? Where is this good news fully revealed?

TWCF-117 God's Promises & God's Word Works    

His-Story is Our Story      

TWCF-116 The Best is Yet to Come!  Part 3    
What has God revealed in His Word will take place at "the redemption of the purchased possession"? What is it that has been fully bought and paid for, for us by the man, our lord and savior, Jesus Christ?

TWCF-115 The Best is Yet to Come!  Part 2          
Catch a glimpse of the wonderful greatness of what God authored and the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished for us as God's sealed children, looking toward the day of redemption.

TWCF-114 The Best is Yet to Come!    
Want to know and appreciate what the Lord Jesus Christ worked to fully accomplish, according to what God's justice required, for the salvation of man with a little more clarity?

TWCF-113 First Name Basis       
Can you imagine the Creator of the heavens and earth being on a first name basis with YOU? As a Christian, would you like to enjoy a personal and personable relationship with God?

TWCF-112 Nothing Mysterious About It       
The media, the people around us and the world may scream, "God works in mysterious ways," but His Word explains that God goes to work when we believe His Word. Read God's Word, rightly divide it, believe it and God will bring it to pass.

TWCF-111 On The Road to Damascus   
There are several records in God's Word regarding Saul (Paul) and what occurred on the road to Damascus. How wonderful it is to see how God's Word fits together.

TWCF-110 Help!  Part 2       
Typically, it is not a question of whether or not a person could benefit from help or assistance from day to day. But an individual would do well to consider the source of their help or assistance and no one will find any source that is more reliable, more able and more willing than God. So why not consider how reliable, how able and willing God is and learn how He can help you?

TWCF-109 To and From     

TWCF-108 Our God Is A Delivering God      
God has declared in His Word that His deliverance is available. How does someone go about actually receiving God's deliverance in times of trouble?

TWCF-107 Not included in this compilation

TWCF-106 A Fashion Statement!         
Find out how, as Christian believers, we can make a fashion statement by manifesting what we've received in the new birth.

TWCF-105 Priorities In Persistent Prayer    
Prayer is such a vital part of the life of a believer, that as believers, we ought to study God's Word to find out what our priorities in prayer should be and then be persistent about carrying it out.

TWCF-104 The Goodness of God Our Father    
People may say a lot of different things about God. Many of these things imply that He is not really a good God and Father. How do we know if He is good or not? What does God's Word reveal concerning God's goodness?

TWCF-103 The Renewing of the Mind Part 4: The Why!                   
Why did God want a family? Why would God give us access to Him? Why did He bring us into His household? Why do we renew our minds?

TWCF-102 The Renewing of the Mind Part 3: The One Body       
What potential there would be if every believer would be transformed by the renewing of the mind and live as individual and interdependent members in the one Body of Christ. We can believingly act upon the instruction God has graciously given as to how the one Body is to live and serve together.

TWCF-101 The Renewing of the Mind  Part 2: Be Ye Transformed    
The simplicity of the renewed mind is: you learn from God's Word WHO you are, WHAT you have and what you CAN DO as His child because of His Will and the accomplished work of Jesus Christ. You build that in your mind to the end you think that way about yourself and believingly act upon it. 

TWCF-100 The Renewing of the Mind  Part 1: Present Yourself  
Because of all that we have received in the new birth, by God's mercy, we're to make the decision to present ourselves a LIVING sacrifice ¾ to LIVE for God ¾ to LIVE according to His Will, learning to LIVE in the totality of the new birth nature we have received.

TWCF-99 Great Faith  Part 2   

TWCF-98 Great Faith   
The centurion in Matthew 8 had accepted information he had received about Jesus Christ as being true and he acted on it. That's believing. Find out why Jesus Christ called it "great believing".

TWCF-97 Household Concerns     
As members of God's household, we make God's concerns our concerns. We literally have the words that will bring people spiritual life.

TWCF-96 What Jesus Christ Accomplished-Conscious     
Once a person is born again it is absolutely vital that they elevate their consciousness up to the standard of God's Word and become Christ-in-you conscious.

TWCF-95 Everybody Ought to Know  Part 2    
Romans 5:19 says, "For by one man's disobedience [referring to Adam] many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one [referring to Jesus Christ] shall many be made righteous." It is very important to understand, regarding our redemption and salvation, that both of these men (Adam and Jesus Christ) knew and understood God's Word.

TWCF-94 Hoping and Watching     
One has to understand how God uses words in His Word if they are going to be able to rightly divide His Word. In a comprehensive study of the word "sleep" in God's Word, the teacher shows how the meaning of this word has to be derived according to the context. If you want to know WHY you cannot "blow" the hope, this is the teaching for you!

TWCF-93 The Biblical Records of the Birth of Jesus Christ     
God's Word clearly reveals the details surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. How wonderful to have the accuracy of God's Word so we can put the right pictures in our minds concerning this event.

TWCF-92 That's Our Story and We're Sticking To It    

TWCF-91 Not included in this compilation

TWCF-90 Everybody Ought To Know       
In the Grace Administration every man, woman and child ought to know that they have a choice between spiritual death and spiritual life because of what God willed and what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished.

TWCF-89 Believer's Lifestyle

TWCF-88 James, A Servant of God 
This teaching gives insight into James' rise to prominence in the Church in Jerusalem. It also sheds light on when he chose to walk "not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel".

TWCF-87 Take a stand - Take the stand   
A witness is one who gives evidence of the truth and as such, is one who takes the stand in a court of law. Having received God's gift of holy spirit, we have stepped into the ranks of the most important people on the face of the earth as witnesses of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let's take a stand - take THE stand for God, His Word and the wonderful work of His Son.

TWCF-86 The Exceeding Greatness of His Power    
Only the living energy of God's Word can cut through the darkness, confusion and fear that we as believers are surrounded by in the world today. God wants us to know Him and enjoy the exceeding greatness of His power to us, which is revealed throughout the entirety of His Word. We have THE delivering God.

TWCF-85  1-It's God's Word  2- It's Service  #1 by Tim Mausolf and #2 by Angela Schebell    

TWCF-84 Moses' Parents and Father-in Law      
The Scriptures quite clearly unveil the depth of what Moses' parents taught him about God and the coming Christ. They also reveal the Godly influence Moses' father in law had on his life.

TWCF-83 God Sees, He Hears      
You don't get to know God by nature, a beautiful sunset of any other way than to simply read His Word. Read His Word and allow Him to make Himself known to you. Allow Him to reveal Himself to you.

TWCF-82 Instruction In Righteousness   Part II   
God's Word is literally God speaking. In Its pages God reveals Himself. Nothing can take the place of simply reading God's Word and applying the keys as to how God's Word interprets Itself.

TWCF-81 A Brief Look At Job     
This teaching offers great insight into the life and account of the patriarch Job. In His Word, God takes us "behind the scenes", so to speak, so we can know and understand the spiritual realities involved.

TWCF-80 Jacob, the Contender  Part 2    
Continuing in the life of Jacob, he was one of the great patriarchs. In spite of his humanity, he exhibited a great amount of courage and trust in God.

TWCF-79 Jacob, the Contender      
Throughout history Jacob has been given a bad name. God's Word exposes what a great man Jacob was because he simply would not quit trusting and believing God

TWCF-78 God Sends a Prophet to the Moabites!  
The reason Israel was blessed as a nation was because the coming seed of the woman, the Messiah, would come out of them. In God's loving kindness, He did everything He could to bring His Word to the Moabites so they could be a part of the blessing to Israel.

TWCF-77 Promises and Pottage    
How wonderful to see from the Scriptures by way of scripture build-up how God worked with men and women in the Old Testament to bring to pass His promise of the coming seed of the woman.

TWCF-76 First Choice  
God chose to record one singular incident from the young adult life of the Lord Jesus Christ. This singular incident shows us in a stark way how Jesus Christ chose to exercise his free will.

TWCF-75 Agree and Believe  
We have to get to know God by way of His Word so we can agree with and believe Him. The reason it's so simple is because God poured out His love in the giving of His Son. The Lord Jesus Christ did all that was necessary so that we could simply agree with what God's Word says and believe.

TWCF-74 Not included in this compilation

TWCF-73 An Epitome
The kind of decision and commitment that is required to put God first is epitomized in the life of Ruth. What God did for Ruth because of the simplicity of the believing commitment that she made is wonderful!

TWCF-72 Moment By Moment            
The Lord Jesus Christ delivered all of mankind from Adam's free will choice by his free will choice. In his accomplished work he made it available for every man, woman and child to choose God ¾ a choice that had never been available in the history of human kind.

TWCF-71 Instruction in Righteousness      
God is not interested in us being perfect ¾ He has already arranged for that with the Gathering Together ¾ but in growing up as His children. If we are going to grow, we need the doctrine, reproof and correction of His Word.

TWCF-70 Be Baptized        
God's Word is very clear as to the meaning of baptism, or being set apart. Denominational Christianity is confused about baptism, but we don't have to be!

TWCF-69 Not included in this compilation       

TWCF-68 In Ur of the Chaldees       
How thrilling to see God's Word reveal information about Abraham, the father of all those who believe, by way of scripture build-up.

TWCF-67 Making Melody     
It is highly evident from the Scriptures that God is highly in favor of music and song that glorifies and praises Him. As Christians today, by speaking in tongues we can "speak to ourselves in ...spiritual songs, singing and making melody in [our] heart[s] to the Lord;"

TWCF-66 A Sweet Savour      
Noah believed God when no one else did regarding the promised seed. That seed is in those of us who are Christians today and that's why we are a sweet smelling savour to God.

TWCF-65 Who Broke What      
This is a great record of a man of God who stood for God and the integrity of His Word. Every thing Moses did was an attempt to bring the children of Israel back to God and His Word.

TWCF-64 A Believing Lifestyle       

TWCF-63 Access and Prayer      
God answers prayer on the basis of what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished, not on the basis of how great our need is. God answers our prayers because of our believing of what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished according to God's will. ****PLEASE NOTE: For additional light on II Timothy 2:1, see From Our Home to Yours #102 entitled "FOR" and dated 6/2/13.

TWCF-62 First Aid     
Our God is the God that heals, He is the God that delivers. His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, accomplished everything that was necessary so that the floodgates of His healing could be open to us. Sometimes, however, we need help receiving it.

TWCF-61 The Meaning of the Cross       
To understand the literal, idiomatic and figurative meanings of the word "cross" from God's Word can be life changing for the Christian believer!

TWCF-60 God Gives the Increase   
God is solely and completely responsible for the truth of what He says in His Word. We can learn God's Word, study God's Word, rightly divide God's Word and believe God's Word, but it's God that brings His Word to pass and gives the increase.

TWCF-59 True Prosperity Part 2   
In respect to giving in response to God's Word and giving to the outreach of God's Word, what do you give? How much do you give? What can you expect to receive back?

TWCF-58 Our Lord Jesus Christ         
To confess Jesus as lord and believe that God raised him from the dead takes a moment of time. But to learn to benefit from his lordship and all he did and accomplished according to God's will is the endeavor of a lifetime.

TWCF-57 A Little Bit More Certainty        
God's Word is the only thing that gives certainty regarding the circumstances surrounding the birth and upbringing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

TWCF-56 John 11:1-44        
In this record nobody would believe Jesus Christ concerning the revelation God had given him. He never doubted. We have the same right and privilege when we pray according to the will of God.

TWCF-55 The Wonderful Works of God       
"You simply have to love the Lord Jesus Christ for what he did for us on behalf of God." The earthly ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ was, in effect, a revealing of God Himself. Look at the lengths God went to, to describe His loving care, tenderness and provision.

TWCF-54 God of Love        
God has always been a God of love. He has never changed. He has always wanted to pour out His love upon mankind.

TWCF-53 God of Peace        
No matter what we face, our God is a God of peace. We have been reconciled to Him. We are at peace with God and that will never change.

TWCF-52 Believing God's Word  Part 2      
When it comes to believing God's Word, you have to know what God's Word actually is and has said which is true and applicable to you. One cannot afford to lift God's Word out of the context and make it applicable to any circumstance or situation one would choose. God is NOT obligated to bring it to pass!

TWCF-51 Believing God's Word         
When it comes to believing God's Word, it is vital, crucial, paramount to believe that it IS God's Word. God said it. God's accountable for it. God brings it to pass.

TWCF-50 Not included in this compilation

TWCF-49 Extend an Invitation     
We, the born again ones, are God's dwelling place here on earth. Where we, those with Christ within, are, God is. If people are looking for God today, they need to find us!

TWCF-48 True Prosperity      
Most people would equate prosperity with having lots of money and being able to spend it. But there is something of far more value than paper with green ink on it.

True prosperity is an abundance of God's Word to believe.
God's Word makes clear His Will for His people: prosperity and success. But, what is true prosperity according to God in His Word? What is the foundation of prosperity and causes true prosperity, success and a thriving in life?

TWCF-47 Our Identity               
God wants us to KNOW the riches and the glory we actually have with Christ in us (Colossians 1:27). Christ in you is the identifying reality of our lives.

TWCF-46 The Mystery of Christ            
When it comes to understanding the mystery pertaining to the Christ, there are two truths one needs to know and understand:
1) You have to know and believe what Jesus Christ did and accomplished in his earthly ministry according to the Will of God;
2) You have to know and believe what God willed and did because of his accomplished work.

TWCF-45 Thankful, Thankful           

TWCF-44 Christians Speak in Tongues        
In the fellowship of those with Christ in them in the first-century Church the only acceptable, legitimate evidence that someone had been born again was that they spoke in tongues. God's Word clearly defines that it is the same for Christians today.

TWCF-43 Wouldn't You!  Final         
There is no man in human history that has been more lied about, criminalized, criticized, castigated and condemned than our Lord Jesus Christ. How refreshing to be able to go to God's Word and see who he said he was and what he said he would do and accomplish.

TWCF-42 Wouldn't You!  Part 2             
What a standard I Corinthians 1:10 sets for the fellowship we can have together as God's children. It is God's will that we be fully equipped with the same mind and the same opinion on God's Word.

TWCF-41 Wouldn't You!  Part 1            
Ananias was just a "certain disciple" that knew God and His wonderful Son, walked with God and helped someone else to know God. He loved Saul into receiving his healing. Wouldn't you like to be like Ananias?

TWCF-40 What's Most Important              
It is critical that we realize that the greatest reality in our lives is the Word of God. What's most important, what's always at stake, what's always hanging in the balance in our lives is God's Word. Are we going to believe His Word or anything and everything else?

TWCF-39 Known of God          
God gave His only begotten Son so he could have an intimate relationship with man. We get to go to God's Word to get to know Him; but more importantly, that He knows us intimately and personally.

TWCF-38 Marriage: The Foundation       
The foundation of any marriage is not the example of Adam and Eve; it's not the example of your parents or what you see in society; nor is it derived from the abundance of printed material on the topic. It is the accomplished work of Jesus Christ that is the foundation, not only for our individual lives, but also for the husband and the wife in that marriage relationship.

TWCF-37 What a Man Jesus Christ IS!  Part 2            
God never intended for human kind to live a life of poverty, sickness, hopelessness and despair. Because of Jesus Christ's accomplishments, it's a new day! It's the more abundant life! It's you and me, God's children, living as members in God's household.

TWCF-36 What a Man Jesus Christ IS!  Part 1           
Jesus Christ was a flesh and blood man. Only a man could carry out the work of redemption that was necessary. Jesus Christ learned and committed himself to the responsibility God gave him.

TWCF-35 Peace on Earth             
One of the great realities that we as God's children enjoy today because of the accomplished work of Jesus Christ is peace with God ¾ even in the midst of a world full of conflict, doubt and fear.

TWCF-34 The Contest            
As God's sons and daughters, our contest is to learn to live life in fellowship with God and the Lord Jesus Christ and in the totality of the new birth nature. We get to build a resolute, purposeful endurance in that contest of life.

TWCF-33 Grace! Grace! Grace!            
For the believer there is nothing you can do, plan to do or have done that will ever reach the limits of the grace God has provided in Christ Jesus.

TWCF-32 Believe Who God IS!        
In the face of our inabilities and life's endless impossibilities we have the privilege of believing WHO God is in the light of the accomplished work of Jesus Christ.

TWCF-31 Believe What God Says!           
All that God made available in the accomplished work of Jesus Christ is received by believing what God says. We all want to accept God's Word as being true. Here the teacher gives tips on dealing with the enemies of believing.

TWCF-30 God Our Saviour!             
Who is the author of salvation? Who originated it? Salvation is the result of the greatest Father and Son undertaking in all of human history.

TWCF-29 Help!          
Everyone needs help. Therefore, the question every human being has to ask themselves is not, "Do I need help?" but rather, "Where is my help going to come from?" In the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ you see pictured God's will to help, assist and bless mankind.

TWCF-28 Acts 2:42-47 Part d  Prayer        
They earnestly persevered daily in prayer ¾ reaching out their hearts to God in loving worship and confident expectation as God's children. We ought to adopt the lifestyle of Acts 2:42-47.

TWCF-27 Acts 2:42-47 Part c  Breaking of Bread          
They earnestly persevered daily in the breaking of bread ¾ in remembering the sacrifice and accomplished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

TWCF-26 Acts 2:42-47 Part b  In Fellowship              
The first Christian fellowship in the history of the world earnestly persevered daily in fellowship. This they could do because of the new birth and their continuance in the apostles' doctrine.

TWCF-25 Acts 2:42-47 Part a  God's Word Daily        
The first Christian fellowship in the history of the world earnestly persevered daily to learn and to practice the apostles' doctrine. This they did first, foremost and primarily. We have the privilege of doing the same today.

TWCF-24 I Corinthians 11           
Jesus Christ, by the will of God, ordained the memorial of the broken body and the shed blood. It was carried into the first-century Church. It is God's will that we individually, on a day by day basis, remember and recognize the suffering, sacrifice and accomplished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

TWCF-23 What a Relationship!                
Jesus Christ came to accomplish two great things:
1) the availability of holy spirit life
2) to do all that was necessary to restore that close personal relationship that God originally wanted with mankind.

TWCF-22 Genesis 2:25 Righteousness              
It's only the righteousness of God by the work of His Son that will satisfy the yearning in the heart of every true Christian believer because it's still sin consciousness and self-condemnation that sucks the vitality of the totality of the new birth nature from us today. Self analysis and self-help and self-examination and treatment can never approach the righteousness poured out to us by our Heavenly Father in the new birth because of the accomplished work of His Son.

The secret to a holy life is not self analysis or attempts at self redemption. The secret to a holy life is learning with depth and understanding what the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished and living according to that.

TWCF-21 The Name of Jesus Christ           
How did the man in Acts chapter 3 receive his healing? Just what does it mean when you read, "in the name of..." in God's Word? The greatest reality on the face of the earth is the accomplished work of Jesus Christ.

TWCF-20 Men of the Written Word       
The primary will of God is for us to learn and grow and become experts in the knowledge of Him, the knowledge of His Son and the knowledge of who we are as His children. We have the written Word of God that we can stand upon today.

TWCF-19 Not included in this compilation   

TWCF-18 Christ in You!              
Continuing to study in the book of Acts, this teaching exposes the emergence of the first time the truth of the Mystery began to be taught and why.

TWCF-17 First Part, Second Part            
The apostles asked a question in Acts 1:6. They knew about the sufferings of Christ and the glory that should follow. We have the joy to live in the hidden "interruption" in between (the Mystery!).

TWCF-16 Acts 1:1-5           
Herein is a detailed background of the book of Acts, starting with a timeline and covering the promise of the Father and the three baptisms. A great foundation for further study in the book of Acts.

TWCF-15 Resurrection / Lordship           
God's yearning desire for people to accept the lordship of Jesus Christ is exemplified abundantly in the Scriptures in the actions of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our sonship, salvation, wholeness, righteousness, redemption and hope is founded upon the lordship of Jesus Christ and that God raised him from the dead.

TWCF-14 Ephesians 1:4 Holy and Without Blame           
This teaching shows the specific details and timing of what God did in Ephesians 1:4 by the application of the principles of rightly dividing the Word of God.

TWCF-13 Evolution                  
The reason there is such a market for religion is that people are hungry; the heart cry of every man is to know God but his heart awareness is his inadequacy before God. Deliverance comes with a knowledge of God's Word and the accomplished work of Jesus Christ.

TWCF-12 Any Questions?             
In keeping with how God introduces His archenemy, the first thing the serpent does is question the integrity and accuracy of God's Word. That same question has been repeated millions of times in various forms for countless centuries right up to today. The answer to the question is always God's Word.

TWCF-11 What's Available               
The greatest thing available in this life today is a relationship with God Almighty as a Heavenly Father. All anyone today has to do to receive this is to believe what God and His Son, Jesus Christ, did.

TWCF-10 Be Ye Transformed              
We have the privilege of going to God's Word to see Who God is as our Father and what we have as His child. You build the image from God's Word in your mind and this is how you are transformed.

TWCF-9 First Things First        
Many men and women throughout God's Word kept God first by making His interests their interests. In the Grace Administration, to know God's interests we start with His Word. What's most important to God is that His Word and will are made known.

TWCF-8 Free at Last               
The deliverance in the new birth is the freedom from the sin nature and the course of this world. We can now put the new thoughts of God's Word in our minds and walk in that deliverance.

TWCF-7 Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace               
God, in His grace, mercy and love, provided a way for man to have his heart's cry for righteousness and peace. That way is the Lord Jesus Christ.

TWCF-6 The Solution             
All problems have the same stature when compared to God's Word. The beginning of deliverance from ANY crisis or calamity throughout the Scriptures has been the Word of God.

TWCF-5 R.S.V.P...No!          
How does the true God operate? The true God does not control any aspect of our lives. Take any invitation to live otherwise to God's Word and say, "No!"

TWCF-4 The Generation Gap             
The only true generation gap is between those who are born again and those who are not. There IS an alternative to living as a misfit in the generation of the world. The only way up and out is to renew your mind to God's Word.

TWCF-3 The Man...Christ Jesus           
The overwhelming evidence of the Scriptures is that Jesus Christ was and is a man, not a god-man or diety. Even in his resurrected body he was a man. Therefore we can identify with him as our personal lord and savior.

TWCF-2 Religion versus Godliness            
In opposition to religion, which demands that God recognize it, this teaching reveals from God's Word how man can have a true, vital, spiritual relationship with Him. Jesus Christ had that relationship with God and made known God so others could have that relationship as well. Because of what he accomplished, we, too, can have that relationship and make it available to others.

TWCF-1 Chapter 1: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John               
This teaching reveals how Matthew, Mark, Luke and John each begin at a uniquely different point, but each is relative to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Gospels together show from the Author God’s perspective what He wanted revealed about His Son. Within these four Gospels God takes full and complete credit for the coming of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.